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Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Corporation

Tel: +86 571 23656026
Fax: +86 571 23656068
Address: Linglong Economic Development Zone, Lin'an Hangzhou, China 311301



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Year 2015

The name of the company was changed to -

Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Corp.
Rewarded " Leading Enterprise " in harmonious working relationship building in Zhejiang province.
The braiding workshop received a medal for -

"May Day Women's' Medal."
Established the Academician Working Station

Year 2014

Rewarded model of National Trade Union Education Base and set up the staff reading room.
Rewarded the top 10 Best social Responsibility Companies.




Year 2018

Being a member of KNX community.

Applying for the Laboratory membership of CNAS.

Year 2017

Being NO· 1 in low votage cable market in Lin'an

Year 2016

Rewarded " Zhejiang Provineial Model of Recreational Facility for Staff ". 
Listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), Code: 836767.

Braiding workshop received "May Day Women's Medal " the 2nd time.
Lin'an Wire and Cable Research Center started to operate independently in April.
R&D building were put into use on Nov.1st.






Year 2007

Received "Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province".
Received "Well-Known Trademark of Zhejiang".

Obtained ETL certification

Year 2005

Received "Well-Known brand of Zhejiang".

Year 2003

Acquired the 1st UL certification for coaxial cable .

Expand to the international market
Obtained CSA certification.


Entering into the international market byacquired the license of import and export.




Year 2009

Acquired the 1st UL certification for coaxial cable .

Expand to the international market
Obtained CSA certification.

Year 2008

Became the key enterprise under the "National Torch Plan".
Rewarded as the model enterprise of Zhejiang Procincial Credit Management.

Rewarded as the model enterprise of Information Application.

E-MAX Import and Export company was found




Year 2013

Became one of the member company of -

Lin an big enterprises group.
Increased the company registered capital to RMB 50,5000,000

Year 2012

National UL Burning Lab was put into use.

Year 2011

Rewarded the Famous Zhejiang Exporting Brand.

Obtained CE, RoHS, REACH certifications.


Rewarded provincial Commercial and Industrial AAA credit.




Year 1999

Changed the name to Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd.

Tianjie started PVC Profile project and put into production in the same year

Year 1996

Obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

Year 1994

Successfully developed the 75Ω & 50Ω Physical foaming coaxial cable project.

Year 1993

Founded in 1993 as the name of Lin'an Electrical & Wire Company (Coaxial/Domestic)